Pocoyo Run & Fun

Pocoyo Run & Fun

Pocoyo Run & Fun

Zinkia Entertainment, S.a. Oyunlar

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Pocoyó - Run and fun

Pocoyo Run and Fun New

Pocoyo Run & Fun - The Most Fun And Exciting Racing Game

Run, jump and do amazing tricks as you flee from the aliens!

The most fun and exciting racing game is here!

Pocoyo Run & Fun is a fast and casual game to play for free, whenever and wherever you want, with one hand.

Jump with your shopping cart at full speed down the mountainside and don't let the avalanche of little green aliens catch you.

Use the advantages you can get with the extra characters to go even faster, avoid obstacles and discover new tricks and powerups.

Jump at the right time for incredible poses and acrobatics. Try to discover them all, there are many surprises hidden.

Run to collect the coins and redeem them for upgrades and get even further!

- "Endless run" game based on fluid physics.
- Land generated procedurally. There will not be two equal matches!
- Simple controls, easy to play but with depth of gameplay.
- System of tricks and pirouettes, fun and challenging.
- Colorful and fun visual design.
- Wide variety of objectives and missions that will unlock achievements and rewards.
- Hundreds of hours of speed, laughter and fun!

A game for players of all ages: fun and challenging for kids and adults.

What's New in Version 2.0.14

Now you have seven new carts in the game to unlock!
In addition, you will have five keys for free! so you can use them to get parts of your new carts.
We have also added new languages to the game (spanish, english, brazilian portuguese, italian, russian and turkish) and greased the cart wheels.